Jun 22, 2021 · Tokyo Revengers | Mikey x Reader | Mikey Reader | Anime/Manga Romance Fanfic Tokyo Revengers X Fem Reader Mikey X Fem Reader Cooking. (L/n) (Y/n) a servant, entered the palace for her family. While serving there she met the emperor, Emperor Sano Manjiro. A love that was forbidden, a love that oppose the law.. "/>

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~¦| Mikey X Reader |¦~ - Tokyo Revengers - Episode 18. Y/n. DAD!! The man turned around. And gave you a huge smile withoving eyes. Father. Y/n! You ran to him as you jump and hug him ... Tale care of my daughter. Mikey had a slight hint of blush. Mikey. Yes sir.. Father. Oh call me dad. You face became red as you ran towards your dad. Y/n. D. Tokyo Revengers + Them sneaking in your window. Warning: Hanma being sexual, nothing else. Includes: Reader x Hanma, Reader x Mikey, Reader x Smiley, Reader x Rindou. Description: Exactly what the title says, all character are over the age of 18, despite this being a mostly sfw piece. Notes: I made MYSELF fall in love with Smiley.. "/>.

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